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Lose Weight and Feel Better by Choosing Healthy Snacks

Too often when people think of losing weight they think of all the things they will miss. They think of all the snacks they feel they can't have. The truth is that there are many healthy snacks out there that you can eat to not only look good but to lose weight. Plus the best part is, you'll hardly miss your old snacks!

The Key To Making Losing Weight Enjoyable

When changing your eating habits it's important to not feel like you are depriving yourself. When you do this it sets you up for failure. Adding in healthier snack options not only satisfies you but doesn't make you feel like you're missing anything—not to mention they are better for you.


The first place to begin is to remove all of the unhealthy foods out of your home. You don't want to be tempted away from the right foods. In doing so you will:

  • Remove temptations that can make you weak and cause you to give in.
  • You'll be setting the example and doing something healthy for yourself and your family.

You may be surprised that there are nutritious snacks that you can eat that won't sabotage your plan to be healthy. Some of these include the following:


healthy weight loss


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – When it comes to choosing healthy snacks choose things that are as close to nature as possible. They will be the healthiest choices for snacks. So, make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, in their natural form. Choose snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your need for something crunchy. Try buying fruits when they are in season while they are more affordable. When it comes to fruit try apples, oranges and persimmons. In addition, avocadoes are a great snack and are loaded with healthy fats.


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Dried Fruit – When you are looking for something a little different but still healthy then try dried fruit. They satisfy sweet cravings while still being healthy alternatives. These can include raisins, dried cranberries (Craisins), dried pineapple and more. You will feel like you are disobeying the diet rules but the truth is you are choosing a healthier option. Just remember: moderation. Dried fruit can be quite high in sugars.


healthy weight loss


The Better Potato Chip – For many people, potato chips are a weakness. However don't despair because there is a healthy alternative to satisfy that need for crisp and crunch. Choose vegetables like baby carrots, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.


If you need that salty taste and crunch then try adding in things like whole wheat pretzels. You can dip them into peanut butter to enhance the taste as well as boost your protein consumption.


weight loss snack


Nuts and Seeds – The addition of nuts and seeds are a healthy alternative. They are often full of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. However you need to note that they can also be high in fat so you want to eat them in moderation.


losing weight snack


Popcorn – Popcorn is an all-natural snack when trying to eat healthy and lose weight. Eat light popcorn or popcorn that is air-popped. Try not to add any butter or additional items that will only add to making it unhealthy for you. You can add as many herbs and spices you'd like, however. Try paprika, garlic powder and black pepper for a savoury twist.


Choosing healthier snack options is not difficult to do. In the beginning you need to start slowly. You don't want to feel deprived. Slowly add healthier options and take away the unhealthy options. Before you know it you will be eating all healthy snacks in no time. Plus you feel great and look great and at the end of the day that's all that matters to you.

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