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5 Easy Exercises to Rev Up Your Day No Matter Where You Are

In today's hectic life it seems as if you’re always on the go or there is always something that needs to be done. The kids need to get ready for school, lunches need to be made, clothes need to be washed, you’ve got to work, dinner needs to be made, the dog needs to be taken for a walk, etc. It often seems like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done and it definitely seems like there is never enough time to squeeze in some exercise.


Sadly, things like obesity and stress are higher than they’ve been in a long time. Conditions like these are causing people to focus more on their overall health. People want to live linger; healthier lives.


Exercise has been deemed the one thing that can help a person get control of their life and overall health. The benefits of exercise can make the difference in someone's life. When people exercise they appear to be less stressed, sleep better, feel and look better and worry less about their health.


So Why Haven’t You Started Exercising?

The human body was designed to take a lot. The best thing about the body is that there are numerous exercises that can be done to target specific areas of your body. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can exercise. Anything can be made into a weight. At home canned foods can be used as weights. Plus the weight and force of your body can work as a weight.


The key before starting any exercise program is to make sure you warm-up before you start. When you have finished a workout be sure to perform a slow cool-down period. Warming up gets your body ready for exercise. The cool-down period let’s your body wind down slowly instead of coming to a complete halt. Walking is a great warm up and cool-down tool.


Use these 5 exercises no matter where you are:

1. Pushups – Standard pushups work well but if you change it up some you can create a more dynamic workout. Try the following:

  • Instead of getting in the standard pushup position, place your hands wider apart. The goal here is to make them wider than your shoulders. This gives you a more intense chest and shoulder workout.
  • Bring your hands in closer and form your hands in to a diamond patter. Performing pushups this way will give your triceps and shoulders a better workout.
  • Instead of doing a full pushup try a half push up. Don’t go all the way down. Only go halfway. This will create an overall better pushup workout.

2. Tricep Dips – If you want to give your triceps a workout then you need to do the following:

  • Grab a chair or anything flat that you can sit on. Begin by lifting your body up and jus tout in front of the chair. You kneed should be bent and your feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Lower yourself to the point that your elbows are bent at no more than a 90 degree angle. Then push yourself back up.
  • Start off slow and only do a few sets to begin with. As you gain more strength, add more repetitions in to the workout.
  • Alternate workouts by straightening your legs. This will create a more intense workout.
  • Please note that if you have any shoulder or wrist problems you may not want to do this exercise until you have consulted a physician.

3. Squats – Everyone is looking for a better way to get nice legs and a toned bottom. The key is to gently ease your body into a squat workout. Start out slow and get your body used to the workout by squatting only about a foot down and then come back up. As your body adjusts begin to lower your squat even more. Your muscles will slowly get used to each level. The deeper the squat; the better the workout.

  • A great way to intensify your squats would be to add some weight in your hands. Don’t have weights around? No problem. Grab some canned foods or fill a bottle with some sand and do squats while holding them in each hand.

4. Crunches – Everyone is looking for a better way to get those amazing abs. Crunches are considered one of the most effective ways to achieve greats abs but they must be done correctly. If done in correctly you run the risk of injuring yourself or even hurting your neck, back or other parts of your body. Remember to do the following:

  • Always keep your hands behind your head to support your head and neck.
  • Use your stomach muscles to do the crunch. Do not force your head or neck forward in an attempt to do a crunch. The key is to let your stomach muscles buildup and help you do the workout not your head.
  • To create a more intense workout try lifting your legs in the air as you do the crunches.

5. Calf Raises – Anywhere you can find a raised service is an opportunity to perform a calf raise. Stairways are ideal. Stand with your toes on the stairs with your feet extend partially off the stair. Raise and lower your body using your feet and calves. This is not an ankle exercise. It will work your calves.


These are just 5 simple exercises that you can do anywhere in order to get a full body workout. Pay attention to the steps required in each exercise and remember that safety and your overall health should always come first. You are going to be sore but that is a good thing. Yes, no pain; no gain still stands true.

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5 Easy Exercises to Rev Up Your Day No Matter Where You Are


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