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7 Foods You Should Consider Avoiding When Trying to Lose Weight

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Health and wellness is an important topic. Did you know that there are actually foods that are bad for your health and particularly bad when you're trying to lose weight and keep it off? Did you know that some of these foods even in the smallest amounts can cause real damage to your body? Even with eating in moderation, there are still some foods that probably should be kept to a minimum or avoided all together if you want to do your bod justice.


Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. There are healthy alternatives that are good for you and taste good. It's natural when you reduce or omit something for your diet to naturally miss them but you don't have to get rid of them. Instead save them for a special occasion.


Here are some of the top foods you want should cut back on:


1. Donuts – There seems to be nothing better than a sweet and delicious donut. However these tasty little treats can quickly add up when it comes to calories and fat. It's ok to have one every now and then but in most cases it doesn't just stay with one donut. That sweet goodness turns into 2 or 3. Instead of a donut in the morning try a plain whole grain bagel with a side of fresh fruit or try a slice of banana, pumpkin or zucchini bread.


2. Smoothies – Many people have turned to fruit smoothies as a healthier alternative but the truth is this little beverage is actually a bad alternative in disguise. That's because while there is fruit in the smoothie they are also typically packed with lots of sugar and cream. In addition they are generally a lot larger than a healthy serving size. Surprisingly one smoothie could contain just as many calories are a large portion of your daily caloric intake. Make a healthier smoothie by mixing in lower calorie fruits, reduce sugar as well as opt for smaller serving sizes.


3. French Fries – No matter where you go these French fried potatoes seem to be everywhere. Many of today's most popular fast food restaurants and chains are beginning to offer healthier alternatives to this tasty spud. Potatoes can be cooked a healthier way but it's that deep-fried option that is truly bad for you. Try better options to satisfy your potato craving like baked or mashed potatoes. Plus sweet potatoes are a great option and are packed with fiber and vitamins.


4. Ice Cream – Nothing sounds better on a warn day then a bowl of ice cream. However this is one treat hat you might want to save for a special occasion. Ice cream in most cases is high in fat. Not to mention for many this treat becomes a night time indulgence which is the worst time to eat this as a snack. Great alternatives include Italian ice and Tofutti.


5. Chocolate – Chocolate is one of the most popular treats around. However this tasty treat is high in fat and calories. If you must satisfy your craving for chocolate then try dark chocolate with a low sugar content in small quantities because it contains beneficial antioxidants.


6. Margarine – This butter substitute was once deemed a healthier alternative but the truth is this this substitute can contain trans fatty acids. With so much negativity about trans fats, margarine probably should be used in only small quantities. If you must use it then look for varieties that are trans-fat free.


7. Pie – Pies are one of the most popular desserts around. However these tasty little rounds should be left for those special occasions only. That's because they are often packed full of sugar and trans fats. Not to mention they are high in calories. One slice of pie can equal as much as 500 calories depending on the pie. If you must have some pie then try making pies with more fruit and less sugar, cream and nut additives.

Healthier Choices; Lower Fat

Most foods that aren't truly good for you have a healthier alternative that you can turn to. While at first they may not seem as tasty as it's not so healthy alter ego; they will be healthier for you in the long run. Remember, it's ok to give into temptation every once in a while but control your cravings and substitute a healthier option and you'll be doing your body a lot of good.

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